Achar Gosht


Existing Ingredient:

Quantity Beef/ Chicken/Mutton 1 ½ kg Small cubes
Ginger Paste 2 table spoons
Garlic Paste 2 table spoons
Green Chilies 10, slit lengthwise large from one side
Lemon Juice 3-4 tablespoon/2 lemons
Tomato 6 medium grind/make pure 500 g
Yogurt 2 ½ cups whipped/500 gms
Ghee/oil 1-1 ½ cups/175-250 g
Shan Achar Gosth Masala Mix 1 packet

Cooking Method:

1. Mix 2 table spoons of Shan AcharGosth mix with lemon juice and fill it into the green chillies.

2. Make the ghee/oil hot and add meat, garlic and fry for few minutes.

3. Then add yogurt ginger, tomato puree, remaining quantity of Shan AcharGosth Mix and 1-2 glasses of water.

4. Cover and cook on low heat until meat is tender. Place spice filled green chilies over the meat. Cover and cook on low heat until oil separates.

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